TowHaul Towing Conversion Package

Recovering a disabled haul truck is fast and efficient with the TowHaul Towing Conversion Package. At the touch of a button, the same TowHaul Gooseneck used to pull your TowHaul Lowboy can be reconfigured into a towing vehicle to recover even the largest ultra-class mining trucks. With the addition of innovative options like the TowHaul Park Brake Release and Auxiliary Dump systems, recovering a disabled haul truck becomes a one-machine operation.

Tow truck equipment recovering a Caterpillar 797
TowHaul mine recovery solution Towing trunnion pin towing disabled haul truck
Towing Conversion Package

Features include:

  • Quickly remove disabled haul trucks from haul roads or loadout locations
  • No need to have an operator in the cab of the truck being towed
  • Eliminates need for tow chains/ cables
  • No need to take a second truck out of production to recover the disabled truck
  • Innovative options including Park Brake Release and Auxiliary Dump systems
  • Plus One control system provides real-time systems data to operator in cab
  • Wireless remote for enhanced operator control
  • High Definition camera systems available to assist operator in connection process

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