The TowHaul Removable Gooseneck is quickly becoming the most versatile piece of equipment on a mine site.

One TowHaul Gooseneck on a dedicated prime mover can perform multiple functions. Using a single surplus haul truck for performing a variety of support functions can significantly reduce costs at a mine site. The TowHaul Removable Gooseneck allows mines to do just that.

Current uses for the TowHaul Gooseneck include:

  • Towing disabled haul trucks
  • Pulling a TowHaul Lowboy
  • Pulling a TowHaul Bucket Transporter
  • Pulling a TowHaul Water Tank Carrier

There can be a variety of other uses for the TowHaul Gooseneck. Many of these ideas have come from our customers. If you would like us to consider an application using the TowHaul Gooseneck at your mine site, please give us a call.

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