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  • Maintenance Maintenance savings on track wear due to reduced tramming.


Mobility – machines can be moved to the main shop facility to allow more efficient application of preventative maintenance programs. And hauling or towing disabled equipment to the maintenance shop means no more working on the equipment in the field.

Increased Mobility – Increased mobility of tracked equipment can reduced the number of machines necessary to achieve production levels.

Maintenance Savings – Cost savings on track wear due to reduced tramming. Time savings achieved when hauling equipment to the maintenance shop.

No Contract Hauling – Contract Hauling is eliminated.

Capital Payback – TowHaul Lowboy owners have reported capital paybacks in 2 years or less and utilization is always greater than planned for.

Haul Truck Axles - Utilizing haul truck type axles designed for the mining environment reduces maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

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