Synergy’s expertise in large engineered electrical drive systems and TowHaul’s expertise in the mechanical design and supply of large lowboys and tow vehicles (using their patented gooseneck design) bring together the best technology available for the supply of large lowboys and tow vehicles.

For further information, contact:

Synergy Engineering Ltd.

TowHaul Corporation

R. W. Neuman, President

Kim Wild, President & G.M.



About Synergy Engineering Ltd.:

Synergy Engineering Ltd. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of custom built, large electrical drive systems. For 20 years Synergy has been providing effective solutions to the unique propulsion application challenges of their customer in the Mining sector and for other sectors challenged by special large material handling applications.

In 2003, Synergy Ingeneria Limitada was formed, a wholly owned subsidiary based in Santiago. In 2007, Synergy added a field service team in Antofagasta to further improve support of customers in Northern Chile.

About TowHaul Corporation:

The name of Smith has been a leader in off-road lowboys since 1977. Lowboys and TowHooks by SMITH are in service throughout the world, including Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Africa and South America. Many of the first units built in the 1970’s are still in service today, testifying to their durability.

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