An Introduction to TowHaul Corporation …..

TowHaul/Smith Equipment USA designs and manufactures custom heavy duty off-road trailers that decrease costs and increase mobility in open pit mines around the world. We have succeeded in developing a product line suitable for today’s and tomorrow’s needs in the mining industry.

A bit of history ….

In 1977, TowHaul’s Founder, Frank Smith invented and patented the original heavy duty off-road trailer for open pit mines. His company – then called Smith Sanders Ltd -- designed and manufactured spreaders for the mining industry when they began offering heavy duty trailers as well.

Smith moved his company to Bozeman/Belgrade Montana in 1990. Driven by customer requests, he continued to improve/change his designs and came up with the front loading, single axle lowboy.

His patented designs changed the way mines use lowboys and towing vehicles on the mine sites.

In 1994, Smith renamed his company TowHaul Corporation dba Smith Equipment USA, and branded his product 'TowHaul'.

Forward Momentum ….

It has been more than four decades since Frank Smith designed his first piece of equipment. Since then he has created his multi-purpose TowHaul Removing Gooseneck, Towing Gooseneck, Interchangeable Water Tanks and sand Spreaders; dragline Bucket Transporters and Water Tank Trailers. And, it has now been nearly a decade since TowHaul introduced the Modular Lowboy and the Brake Cooling System for lowboys with wet brake axles. Today, Frank Smith holds over 23 patents and has 3 patents pending. These innovative patents continue to drive TowHaul in manufacturing solutions for mining operations.

There are over 200 complete TowHaul units operating worldwide, some of which have been in operation for well over 20 years. That number, combined with the increasing number of units added to operations every year, demonstrates the longevity and reliability of the TowHaul Brand. The designs coming out of TowHaul --- from fully computerized Plus One Control Systems to the new RGSO model gooseneck and low profile modular trailer – signify that the company is constantly moving forward, offering customers innovative designs without sacrificing TowHaul quality.

From hand drawings to 3-D modeling software, from manual controls to fully computerized control system, from dry drum axles to oil-cooled axles, TowHaul Products have evolved at pace with the mining industry thanks to the company’s commitment to innovation through cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art design. What drives every advancement is TowHaul’s dedication to addressing each customer’s unique and specific needs. TowHaul’s commitment to quality and innovation is still the bottom line.

TowHaul Mission Statement

We are a company of Integrity. Always.

Being the leader in the industry where we engage with customers and they can rely on us for innovative, effective products, service, and support.

Operate with honest respect for our employees, customers, company and the communities in which we serve.

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