TowHaul Teams work closely together in engineering design and manufacturing to achieve desired results. We are committed to delivering innovative and superior quality products to open pit mines around the world. By integrating the team approach with customer feedback from the field, TowHaul has the ability to develop and adapt products to satisfy the continually changing needs of our customers.

Engineering Design Team:

After 35 years as the industry leader, TowHaul’s engineering department is still innovating to meet new challenges with creative solutions.

A talented and diverse engineering team combines Founder Frank Smith’s vision with cutting-edge technology. The TowHaul Design Team utilizes state of the art computer systems including CAD and 3-D solids modeling to reduce development time, costs, and ensure superior designs that meet the rigorous needs of our customers.

Manufacturing Team:

The TowHaul Manufacturing Team works in a modern manufacturing plant, streamlined for maximum production efficiency. Utilization of CAD, CAM and 3-D solids modeling technology ensures repeatability and consistent top quality.

Programming Department and Cutting Shop:

The TowHaul programming department and cut shop employ state-of-the-art technology.

TowHaul cuts steel parts utilizing its state-of-the art-10 by 50 foot cut table. The table has two oxyfuel stations, one plasma head station, and a unique oxyfuel triple torch bevel head that can cut and contour bevel simultaneously. The equipment enables the process to be precise, efficient and fast. The precision reduces the number of stress points on any given piece of steel, making for a more durable part.

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